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Bamboo Leaves

About Me

Hello, I'm Jennifer Laflin and this is my story and spiritual philosophy

Well to begin with, my personal philosophy in reference to being a spiritual medium and having psychic abilities, is that this isn't about me or "my story" at all. Over the years I have become more in tune with my gift, as well as the personal relationship I have developed with Spirit, and have realized that there isn't a need for the ego to play a role in the connection and in my readings for people.


The true essence of "My Story" is that it is essentially all about Spirit and Spirit's message or messages that needs to be conveyed to people or even to myself. Yes, I play an important role in that I am the human link that helps connect people with Spirit, however, it is the message that comes through that is the true reason as to why I personally have come forth in a public way to assist with offering guidance and service to others.


In developing my client/medium relationship with you, it is my goal (and hope) to deliver to you Spirit's message in the truest form possible that will bring about a sense of peace, understanding, guidance or even closure that will best help you in your own personal life, career, and soul's journey on this Earth.

Animal Kingdom

Pet Connections

One of the most rewarding feelings for me is to be able to bridge the gap between a pet and its owner regardless as to whether or not the pet has crossed over or is still living. I honestly believe that all animals have souls and it is our duty as pet owners to ensure that we are in tune with them in order to provide them with the love, compassion and comfort they so deserve. If you own a pet and are experiencing some problems or would like to know how your pet is doing since it has passed, then feel free to contact me, I would love to help out!

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